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By Yinlayefa Elizabeth Adeleke

Are you newly married and seeking wisdom to navigate the twists and turns of married life? Have you been married

for decades and want to rekindle the spark of intimacy you once had in your union? Do you truly want to build a thriving marriage? This book, Marital Intimacy written by a seasoned family life practitioner and a professional marriage counsellor, is for you.

The possibility of building a thriving marriage is still achievable in our world today.

In the book, the author unearths the secret of experiencing the love that grows stronger with each passing day. Marital Intimacy is not just a book, it is a compendium of practical wisdom nuggets, advice, and stories of real couples you need to foster deep connection, reignite passion, and build a life of shared dreams and vision. It is your bridge to the vibrant and unbreakable connection you have always dreamed of.

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By Yinlayefa Elizabeth Adeleke

As parents, we carry a sacred duty to nurture, guide, and unconditionally love our children. Our calling is to lead

them towards a life brimming with purpose, joy, and unwavering faith in our loving Creator and Redeemer. Through the power of prayer, we can have a profound impact on their lives, reaching depths we can never achieve on our own.

In Praying the Psalms for My Children, you will discover how to embark on a heartfelt and sacred journey, exploring various themes (related to prayer) that encompass the intricate facets of our children’s lives. This book offers a treasury of prayers to inspire our heartfelt requests for our children.

If you desire to raise children who will fulfil their God-given purpose and leave a lasting impact on their generation, this book is an essential companion for your parenting journey.

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praying the psalms for my children